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On the other hand, the use of the internet for gathering information may have a positive impact since it results in life contentment as people are able to learn different things which they may share with their friends.

However, the negative effects of the use of the internet are more severe and can lead to interpersonal disconnection.

Similarly, social trust grown in small group relations is considered to function as a heuristic that is useful in decisions to partake in large-scale communal action efforts Remarkably, Putnam’s apprehension with the collective decline in social capital argues for the centrality of community practices, interpersonal trust, and life satisfaction in studies of civil society.

He emphasizes that involvement and trust have declined, equally contributing to the wearing away of community life (Putnam, 2001).

Interpersonal disconnections cause a lot of pain and tension as people try to protect their feelings.

It is important to note that, an interpersonal disconnection does not happen overnight but goes through three main stages.This paper will focus on the perspectives of Pappano and Putnam as they try to explain the concept of interpersonal disconnections.Pappano holds that technological innovation is one of the factors that can trigger interpersonal disconnections.This is because, as people get more and more oriented to the internet, they tend to shun away from social activities such as social gatherings, and rely on the internet for communication (Putnam, 2001).This only favors people who have access to the internet thereby disconnecting them from the others.It is this concentration on social views and practices away from politics that makes hypothesizing on social capital and civic culture so important in forming an assessment of the association between models of media use and commitment in civic life.The understanding of taking part in community projects, volunteering, and participating in other communal activities strengthens norms of compulsion and teamwork, cheering further involvement in community life (Putnam, 1995a, 1995b).This has continued to widen the gap that exist between the haves and have not thereby leading to interpersonal disconnection.Shopping has become a way of valuing relationship, people no longer shop just to acquire goods and services but to form a basis for negotiation (Pappano, 2001).She wonders why this happens and how it is associated with the cultural factors and insinuation that correspond with it (Pappano, L. I agree with Pappano’s perspective because, I think technology is the main contributing factor to this phenomenon.People who have advanced technologically tend to distance themselves from others or look for people who hold a common ground with them.


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