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What does it mean to be an Australian in times like these? Importantly, it's a conversation that takes place in the open, unhindered by paywalls or excessive advertising.And it's through the support of people like you that it is able to do so.Pam | 08 October 2018 There is no doubt, Celeste, that the European seafaring explorers and colonists, who assumed ownership of every land they set foot on, were the masters of superiority over all other races (racism), white-skinned in the main and allegedly civilised.

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Firstly, I'm no dummy; not only does German history explicitly demonstrate this racism (then attempt to acknowledge it via legislation and public memorials), but contemporary issues such as the so-labelled 'Kebab murders' and the rise of the German right in recent elections point to racism being alive and well there.

These online people didn't get my meaning, clearly.

In a moment of frustration, I expressed my want to get out of Australia and go to my 'happy place' — otherwise known as Berlin.

It took literal seconds for someone to get back to me and explain that Germany has issues too.

Yet my frustration wasn't at the continual torrents of racism that Australia managed to manufacture and the relentless hit-ups I received from the media to respond to it.

It was the fact that most of the time, the media was only interested in calling on Aboriginal comments for the 'easy topics'.When I worked in the Torres Strait in close association with Islanders, Papua/New Guineans and Mainland Australian Aborigines, I was struck by the remarkable harmony that existed between the three races.It was said that on the way up from Cape York via the Strait to PNG the power of the spirits embodying "magic" and the casting of spells went from most powerful to least and on the way down the threatening physical power decreased from headhunting via cannibalism to the relatively non-threatening Aborigine.Balance between these two aspects of potentially controlling power was responsible for the mutual acceptance by each of the different cultures.People without power who pose no threat I suppose are always victims of bullies. I also think racism is alive and well in Australia.Most wanted Aboriginal opinion for the purposes of producing clickbait, and judging by the conversations I was having with other Aboriginal women at this time, I wasn't alone in my cynicism here.It speaks volumes about the lack of progress in this country. People can easily find my thoughts on the national anthem, blackface, Invasion Day and the many instances of racism which are blatant.A cartoonist drew a racist and misogynistic cartoon of tennis players — caricaturing one as a Jim Crow era throwback while erasing the Japanese-Haitian heritage of another in a bid to portray 'white' innocence.Some Tasmanian football players then took the same caricature one step forward by dressing as Serena Williams using blackface.Two children drowned in the Swan River following a police pursuit after reports they had been 'jumping fences'.A nine year old school girl refused to stand for the anthem at her school's assembly and right wing commentators went into meltdown.


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