Essay On Reading Books In English

It is through these materials that we are able to grasp what the things around us are.Of course, in school, we are given textbooks and workbooks.

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Students who read books even for fun find themselves to have an advantage among their classmates in certain aspects of education.

Reading books beyond the ones assigned in school is important because this opens up different worlds for students.

The people in the other kind of book, however, were entirely different. Barbara Feinberg's '' Welcome to Lizard Motel: Children, Stories, and the Mystery of Making Things Up'' (Beacon Press) conjures up memories of such youthful literary predilections.

Feinberg, who runs an arts program for kids, was provoked to write this unusual hybrid of memoir and polemic by the trials of her 12-year-old son, Alex.

A.) ''problem novels,'' the bane of her son's existence.

These books describe, with spare realism, child and teenage protagonists weathering abuse, addiction, parental abandonment or fecklessness, mental illness, pregnancy, suicide, violence, prostitution or self-mutilation -- and often a combination of the above.

It is still up to a good instructor how he or she will delegate information inside the books towards a better way of understanding by the students.

It is essential for students to understand the value of books.

It is through books that we are able to explore different places even if we’re only staying put in one place.

In the school environment, books are always there because these are the instruction manuals students need when studying.


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