Essay On Role Of Electronic Media In Pakistan

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As of now the industry benchmarks its performance essentially based on two factors; sensationalism and who breaks the news fastest, neither of which qualifies as credible or even educational.

The industry is missing performance-based mechanisms, indicators that observe the credibility and rationality of the content being delivered.

Agahi intends to continue training journalists on emerging tools and technology for investigative reporting.

Analysis of and synthesizing “big data” is something that is essentially required, since our audiences are no longer confined to traditional boundaries.

Do you think a free and fair media exists in Pakistan today?

The media in Pakistan is free, whether or not it is fair, that’s an entirely different debate altogether.It is well established that local and national journalists are prone to unhelpful sensationalism or single, unsubstantiated narrative.This often is a result of a lack of investment in investigative reporting.British philosopher John Stuart Mill underlined the need for free speech mainly for three reasons.He believed that freedom to read or write is an important element to expose and reveal the truth, to ensure self-development and self-fulfillment of citizens and to help ensure participation of the citizens in a democracy.More than 90 journalists have been killed since 1947.These figures tell many stories, not all of course related to the buzz around “freedom of press.” Much of it has to do with training, competence, and capacity to operate in volatile areas and destabilizing conditions.Agahi will be focusing on data-driven journalism and hopefully, this will improve the quality of investigative reporting in Pakistan.Sonya Rehman is a journalist based in Lahore, Pakistan.Public and institutional awareness of the benefits of investigative journalism creates indigenous demand for quality reporting and accountability of public representatives.Having said that, advertising revenues for both electronic and print are declining; unfortunately this has had a significant impact on human capital development.


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