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In Kuwait, people used to believe that a child/adult who stutters is born like that and that there is nothing they can do to help the child/adult.But after graduating and coming back to Kuwait and working in a rehabilitation clinic, I have seen families in and outside of the clinic taking about stuttering and how it is a condition that can be treated through rehabilitation services.

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Because of the lack of standardized testing, no diagnoses can be official.

Observing the need of my community further encouraged me to pursue a graduate degree in speech-language pathology.

From my perspective, doctors treat people until they are medically stable, and their treatment is fixed more than sustained. It was said that the people who will be impacted are those of the future generation.

For example, a doctor could treat a child’s adenoids surgically, but this alone will not rehabilitate the child’s speaking abilities. Twenty-seven years later, there are more and more children and adults being diagnosed for genetic and neurological disorders such as Down Syndrome.

The population we serve at the clinic is so diverse.

We lack standardized resources that are tested on an Arabic speaking but diverse background populations.

One of the best sides of this profession, is it makes a positive impact on the life of a person with communication disorder.

From the past and until this moment, I have the desire to change someone’s life to the better and observe the happiness and comfort results.

I choose to complete my studies in the United States for many reasons.

One of them being that US has a diverse populations: refugees, immigrants, and others.


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