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In it—and in reaction to the philosopher William Godwin’s ideas—Malthus presented his celebrated law: the population always grows faster than “the means of subsistence”, the food supply.

Specifically, he asserted that the population grew geometrically while food production increased arithmetically—a thesis that, if accurate, would undermine the very possibility of progress.

In situations of depopulation, the food supply constraint was clearly not as dire so logically the population should start growing again.

Arguments were sought in the fast-growing United States population.

Z niejednego ugoru i chaosu po budowie, stworzyliśmy oazę, która daje domownikom wytchnienie i powód do dumy wśród sąsiadów.

Prócz nasadzeń zieleni oferujemy również wykonanie nawierzchni podjazdów i ścieżek oraz zakładanie systemu nawadniającego.

Was the fact that that country’s population had doubled in 25 years, as Malthus showed, due merely to the strength of population growth in a land of abundant resources, or was it the outcome of substantial emigration from Europe at a time when the desire to emigrate was strong?

In the Malthusian model, poverty increases with population size.

Projektujemy ogrody prywatne, zieleń osiedlową i miejską, place zabaw, nawierzchnie, stawy, oczka wodne, kaskady oraz systemy nawadniające.

Nie trzymamy się jednego stylu w aranżacji, dlatego nasze projekty charakteryzuje harmonia z budynkiem i otoczeniem.


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