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Even at the end, the narrator still does not acknowledge the qualities Doodle had processed.To make time pass, Doodle would tell tales full of imagination to the narrator while the narrator told “scary, involved, and usually pointless” (599) tales.

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” In the story, it is introduced that the narrator’s brother, Doodle, is born with an ailing condition, but unexpectedly survives.

However, his luck goes just as far when misfortune intervenes as he is diagnosed with serious health problems and is disabled.

As a result, the boy runs away from Doodle, abandoning him when Doodle tries to approach him.

The boy does not understand or appreciate Doodle’s intention of becoming what he wanted, but blames him for not being able to become ordinary.

When Doodle succeeded in walking, the boy wants to “teach him how to run, to swim, to climb trees, and to fight” (599).

Even though Doodle has thrived the in the boy’s previous plans, the boy is still not pleased with Doodle’s advancement towards society’s standards.

The boy is strained that he has to take notice of such conditions of his brother.

Due to Doodle’s abnormality, the boy constantly tries to change Doodle to live up to the typical person he sees in society.

Moreover, even when Doodle got sick and interfered with the plan’s progress, the boy did not give up on changing him and preparing him for school.

He believes that it is a definite thing for Doodle to be able to attend school and live his life like everyone else when he states the “success lay at the end of summer like a pot of gold” (599).


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