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The intuition here is that whatever feelings are observed, can be map to a need – probably unmet. The set of needs and important needs are exactly equal.

Taking as an axiom that all needs are important needs allows participants to declare needs without fear.

NVC says that it’s important to do this in a specific way.

The messages that we pass between objects, probably humans, not necessarily distinct, are a 4-tuple containing: This quadruple through the unveiling of each element, produces a flow from empiricism, to emotion, humanism, and finally to action.

We have a nonempty, and possibly infinite set of reactions for all interpersonal interaction.

In trying to connect we will have to in some way communicate with each other, let’s call this .In other cases we are discussing the same topic, but cannot connect onto a mutually agreeable answer, here NVC says to connect on observations and feelings and needs. Where is the set of all feelings, and is the set of all needs.Note that is not necessarily injective but is surjective. It is a machine that accepts a program and data, and runs that program on that data.Sympathy then, is running your program on someone else’s data. As you can see the results of the sympathy and empathy computations are not guaranteed to be identical.In a nutshell Nonviolent Communication is about becoming the Universal Empathy Machine, to be able to emulate the architecture of an arbitrary person given an arbitrary experience., is a theory by Marshall Rosenberg and the title of a book which has an unfortunate cover.The only problem was I couldn’t chat to my friends about it, let alone recommend it.(Update: which now turns out to be a common phenomenon). Let us think of a human as a program and human experience as data. In this way it can simulate all programs on all data.


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