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The moment a man stops dreaming is the moment he petrifies inside and starts writing snarfy letters disapproving of paragraphs like the one above.

Lester's thoughts about Angela are impure, but not perverted; he wants to do what men are programmed to do, with the most beautiful woman he has ever seen.

If you are to write about American Beauty, what topic would you like to write about the film?

What interesting and noteworthy information and message do you wish to relay to your readers regarding the movie?

Is it wrong for a man in his 40s to lust after a teenage girl?

Any honest man understands what a complicated question this is. But as every woman knows, men are born with wiring that goes directly from their eyes to their genitals, bypassing the higher centers of thought.We meet his wife, Carolyn (Annette Bening), so perfect her garden shears are coordinated with her footwear. At an agonizing family dinner, Carolyn plays Mantovanian music that mocks every mouthful; the music is lush and reassuring, and the family is angry and silent.We meet his daughter Jane (Thora Birch), who is saving up for breast implants even though augmentation is clearly unnecessary; perhaps her motivation is not to become more desirable to men, but to make them miserable about what they can't have."Both my wife and daughter think I'm this chronic loser," Lester complains. When Lester criticizes his daughter's attitude, she points out correctly that he has hardly spoken to her in months.Bening's character, a real estate agent who chants self-help mantras, confuses happiness with success--bad enough if you're successful, depressing if you're not.And Spacey, an actor who embodies intelligence in his eyes and voice, is the right choice for Lester Burnham.Nobody is really bad in this movie, just shaped by society in such a way they can't be themselves, or feel joy.The performances all walk the line between parody and simple realism; Thora Birch and Wes Bentley are the most grounded, talking in the tense, flat voices of kids who can't wait to escape their homes.In general, this movie is eminently successful in counter and layered themes.What is more, the primary themes that the movie highlights all through the film are that of repression and denial, feeling connected versus loneliness, beauty both objective and subjective, reality versus appearance, chaos versus control, searching and change and also materialism.He does reckless and foolish things in this movie, but he doesn't deceive himself; he knows he's running wild--and chooses to, burning up the future years of an empty lifetime for a few flashes of freedom.He may have lost everything by the end of the film, but he's no longer a loser.


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