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As plastic bags are not disposed properly, they degrade the quality of the soil, thus causing soil pollution.

But the same cannot be used for storing products like shampoo, chips, candies, and more.

Not many are aware of the importance of the plastic and why plastic bags should not be banned.

However, what is pitiable is the fact that ever since ban on plastic bags were introduced; most shopping stores ended up making these bags chargeable.

Their use didn’t decline just that, companies were now making money out of it. This brings us to the question as to what is to be done as far as ban on plastic bags is concerned.

There are no visible reasons behind why plastic bags should not be banned as they are claimed to have poor decomposition property.

However, there are certain groups and organizations that support the use of plastic bags.

So plastic bags needs to be banned to save soil and ultimately the environment.

The ban will regulate the distribution of plastic bags only to heavy duty use and at a fee.

It is only when people truly understand as to how the use of plastic ends up creating damage to the environment which may jeopardize their life or those of the future generation, they may be inclined to do their bit and follow the ban on plastic bags seriously.

Offer alternatives Further, when the states impose ban on plastic bags, it is important to offer other recycled products and paper bags.


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