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It is necessary to go beyond Orientalist contrasts between us and them, Australian and Chinese, and to engage in a re-examination of sites of difference and dialogue.

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But to say this is to point to wider implications for history making in Australia.

The Eurocentric histories of the past cannot simply be corrected by including the 'Chinese', especially if clear ethnic separations based on assumed single identities are maintained.

Emphatic expressions Words or phrases which relate to the strength of the claim or to your degree of confidence in what is said.

Hedging expression Word or phrases which make statements about the degree of certainty, possibility or probability of a question.

Literature reviews can be stand-alone documents, or they can form part of a research proposal or project.

A stand-alone literature review aims to summarise and evaluate the current knowledge of a specific topic, whereas a literature review that forms part of a research proposal or project also describes the gaps in the current knowledge that the project aims to address.Within the review, you need to identify patterns, consensus, inconsistencies, discrepancies, problems or gaps based on the body of literature.Ultimately, the literature review will contribute something new to the topic, so it will not be a discussion that has been repeated or previously established in the past.It is tempting to credit many of the succeeding changes to Cushman's appeal.However, the new approaches must be viewed within the context of the changing tide of historiography and the impact of 'multiculturalism'....This module is intended as an introductory guide to writing stand-alone literature reviews.A graduate literature review module is also available in the graduate research and writing section of the Research and Learning Online site.Relational marker Words or phrases that indicate, explicitly or implicitly, the writer's relationship to the audience or the scholarly community in which they are writing. Bolton (eds) Creating Australia: Changing Australian history. NB: Technically emphatic expressions, attitude markers and relational markers are also hedging expressions, but they are described here in terms of their primary function. For more information on how to paraphrase and summarise effectively, please see the citing and referencing tutorial on the Research and Learning Online website.In literature reviews, you may want to summarise similar findings by including several sources within a single citation.


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