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Note that the applications now request “approximate” word counts in the motivation essays.This means that you can go over the suggested count by 10%, and on rare occasions, 15%.In this entry, we will take a close look at what the motivation essays of the INSEAD application are asking.

If you can’t find two key characteristics, your story is probably not a strong enough portrayal of your vibrant personality.Then move on to the failure; what was the story, who did it affect, and what did you learn.(B) Another option is that you can write an achievement story, then a failure story, and then write about the general impact on relationships they had and general take aways.Unlike the job essays in which the question is fairly straight forward, the motivation essays are a harder because they are more open ended.The trouble rests in how does one begin to give a candid description of oneself, using strengths and weaknesses to paint a portrait of one’s identity? The best way to go about this is to think experientially.For example, difficulty prioritizing tasks or that everything seems equally important to you.While this is clearly a weakness, it shows that you care and it can be fixed by learning the different elements of a project, what is important and when.In other words, think about moments in which your character was tried and you prevailed. The key here is to think about stories – giving a list will never be sufficient to explain who you are, and going straight to professional experiences will flatten you and make you seem like a robot. You can either start your essay with a declaration paragraph that describes who you are in a creative way and proceed to give examples that support your claims.Or, you can start with an anecdote or a personal story that demonstrates your personality traits and then explicate in what ways it does so.Admissions committees have hundreds of essays to read; if your essay is not clear on its own, they will not do the extra mental work to complete thought gaps to your benefit.For example, let’s say I choose to write about the fact that I am part of a musical improvisation group.


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