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Since you get a one year warranty on new ones, you would be relieved of the daily maintenance cost of the equipment.

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Apart from the kitchen equipment, you can store raw material for the first week which would cost somewhere around Rs 30,000.

Further, it is advisable to keep the raw material less for the first few weeks to keep the stock fresh and to study the pattern of sale and then procure more.

First of all, you should create a food truck business plan which would act as a roadmap to the future growth of your food truck.

It is natural to have doubts when you are starting a big or small restaurant business, which is why you must Learn how you can create a business plan for your food truck here.

If you want to set up a delivery model for the truck, you can hire two delivery boys or can tie-up with third-party logistics companies that charge somewhere around Rs 40-50 per delivery.

However, to keep the service level up to the mark and if you are looking to create an identity in the foodservice market, we would like to advise you to hire at least one delivery boy who will also help you to procure raw materials in the case of emergencies rather than depending upon the third party logistics.It is always advisable to have a good point of sale software which can keep your data safe and give detailed information about your inventory and sales.A good POS can make or break your restaurant business in today’s competitive environment as a lot of restaurants including QSRs and other food businesses use customer data to get repeat orders and take customer feedback.Tips To Choose The Right Location For Your Food Truck Choose a street that doesn’t have too many similar food vendors around, has a regular flow of traffic for inviting large footfalls, and has establishments with young professionals and students in the surrounding area.Also, the parking of trucks should be such that it does not pose any hassle to commuters, yet should be visible to the people.Although it may seem daunting to start a food business in India, the following points will guide you thoroughly through the process of opening a Food Truck Business in India: Now, let’s dive in deeper so that you can gain a comprehensive understanding of how you can execute these points mentioned above in the most effective ways that will bolster your food truck business in India.The first thing to do is to choose the right truck or commercial vehicle.In the food truck format, a maximum of two chefs and one helper are required who can take care of the operations of the entire food truck.The average salary of Chefs can be somewhere around Rs 13k-15k while the helper’s salary can go up to a maximum of Rs 8000.So, the total cost of the final truck (old) without kitchen equipment is Rs 5 lakhs.This cost seems to very high from the 450 sq ft shop for QSR whose rent is somewhere around Rs 40,000, but in the long run, the food truck cost would be negligible as there is no or very less rent or fees to pay depending upon the vicinity.


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