Foucault Essay On Panopticism

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The third part of the summary will connect discipline and Panopticism to what Foucault calls the "human sciences".Finally, the last part of the summary will be a discussion of what Foucault calls "disciplinary society".

He points out that hospitals, prisons, or schools are organized along the Panopticon structure.

Thus, his model is extremely useful in order to describe the distribution of power in specific landscapes.

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According to Foucault the need to oversee a growing number of people in production systems of growing complexity has led to the development of elaborate systems of power, a new range of control tactics and new forms of knowledge and knowledge production.

Political Science Research Paper - Foucault Essay On Panopticism

Discipline for Foucault is "a technology of power" aimed at turning the human multitude into something manageable and controllable.

In "Discipline and Punish" Foucault shows how discipline works together with discourse to produce the modern individual who is apparently unique and independent but is in fact controlled.

The chapter "Panopticism" in Foucault's book deals with exactly that.

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