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In actuality, our class was given the assignment of creating a newspaper for the day after the execution of King Charles I.Students separated the distributed material into facts and opinions.

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Even if we attempt to suddenly change the way in which students think after they enter university, a leopard cannot change its spots and it is difficult to encourage new patterns of thought.

What is lacking when compared with education in Europe and America?

This study course is enrolled in during the 2-year period of Year 10 and Year 11 education in England, which is equivalent to the 3rd year of junior high school and 1st year of high school in Japan.

The performance in this course is an important eligibility standard when entering university.

The more accurately students can memorize those events, the higher the score that they can post during examinations. The majority of this material is statements made by historical figures who were actually involved in the revolution, or made by people observing those figures.

The core of study in England is to use those statements to form one's own opinion regarding the essence of the revolution.Top results include Connor Walton (9A*, 3A), Kacey Compton (8A*, 3A plus A-level Critical Thinking), Sarah Hartley (7A*, 4 A), Kerry Stainton (6A*, 6A), David Thomas (6A*, 6A), Fiona Davis 5A*, 5A, 2B), Emily Holmes (5A*, 5A 2B), Uzayr Rajaratnam (4A*, 5A, 2B plus A-level Critical Thinking), Ben Kitchen (4A*, 7A, 1B), Daniel Humphreys (3A*, 6A, 1B plus A-level Critical Thinking), Sophie Stockton (3A*, 8A, 1B), Natalie Cotterill (3A*, 8A), Cameron Jones (3A*,7A, 1B plus A-level Critical Thinking), Elsbeth Leighton (3A*,6A, 1B plus A-level Critical Thinking), Anna Papadopoullos (3A*, 6A, 3B plus A-level Critical Thinking) and Georgia Saxton (3A*, 7A, 1B, 1C).Over 88% of students in mathematics gained A*-C grades and 77% of students gained A*-C grades in English.This grade is only awarded to students in the top 10% of those who took the qualification.There were further exceptional results for many students with 58% picking up at least one GCSE at A* or A grade.31% of students gained A*-A grades in these subjects.Results were strong across the wide range of subjects on offer and with the waiting finally over the students are now able to celebrate their success and reflect on all their hard work.King Edward VI School has matched its best ever results this year with 74% of students achieving 5A*- C grades at GCSE including English and mathematics.The results have recognised outstanding achievement by students at King Edward VI School.In a year where the goalposts have changed for students, particularly for English, it has been fantastic to see such positive outcomes.I would like to thank staff and parents for their hard work.


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