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should be able to demonstrate an understanding of the novel in the context of American society in the 1930s, in particular the Wall Street Crash in 1929 and the Great Depression which followed.

With the York Notes study guide for you’ll learn not only how to interpret the plot and characters but to write essays and exam answers which refer to the setting and the culture of the novel and its author – vital for achieving top grades in your English Literature GCSE!

Successfully studying and revising requires you to have a good understanding of the plot of the book and the sequence of the action, which is concentrated into a short timeline.

York Notes study guides will walk you through your revision of the plot and action so even if it’s a while since you read the book, our bite-sized section-by-section plot summaries will make your revision more manageable.

His focus on work and its importance in a time of hardship allows him to present the consequences and effects of life as a labourer. Through his use of characterisation and setting, Steinbeck makes clear this prevalent loneliness, the experience of which makes characters cruel, solipsistic and desperate for communication.

Steinbeck uses the character of Crooks to explore the loneliness experienced by victims of prejudice.There’s also detailed exam advice to help students improve their grades, plus a cartoon-strip summary to remind them of all the important plot points!We offer FREE NEXT-DAY delivery to UK Parents, Tutors and Students for orders over £30 and to UK Schools and Bookshops for orders over £50 — there's just a £3.95 delivery charge for orders that fall below these amounts.This text guide is designed to help GCSE students write better essays about 'Of Mice and Men' by John Steinbeck.It is packed with useful explanations about the themes, characters, context and interpretations of the book, all backed up with quotes.Steinbeck uses the novella to show the worker’s life in 1930s, how poor they were and how hard it was to find a stable job. George and Lennie are the main characters in “Of Mice and Men”.The main characters in the novella are Lennie and George, two regular workers with an amazing but sad story. I believe that the relationship between them is more like a son-father relationship.This is a link to the brilliant Of Mice and Men playlist by Mr Bruff.This features a range of videos which focus on different aspects of the novella.This gives an interesting insight, particularly in terms of her sexual experiences.To Claire Luce Los Gatos [1938] Dear Miss Luce: Annie Laurie says you are worried about your playing of the part of Curley’s wife although from the reviews it appears that you are playing it marvelously.


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