Georgetown University Application Essay Prompts

Above all, writing a Georgetown university essay of application is a task that requires careful planning since this is a very selective institution.

Four separate and distinctive schools make up Georgetown University with each one having its own unique focus: Georgetown University does not use the Common Application system, and, therefore, each applicant is required to fill out the application form provided on the university's website, write a special Georgetown university essay directed at their chosen school, and provide their response to two quite general application prompts.

Here are the university's prompts for the school year 2018 to 2019: Prompt Number One: Discuss in brief terms a summer or school activity you were very involved in (half page in single-spacing or, depending on the size of font, around 300 to 400 words).

It is best not to try second-guessing what an admissions committee might or might not want to read.

Choose the activity that excites you the most - one you are always talking to family and friends about - and describe in your essay why this is important.

Focus specifically on your chosen major in your response (e.g., Nursing, Global Healthcare, Policy and Management of Healthcare Provision, or Human Science).

Walsh School of Foreign Service: Choose a current issue of global importance and discuss it in brief terms; say why you think this issue is especially important and suggest a way it could be dealt with.Students hoping to get a place at the prestigious Georgetown University in Washing DC are usually required to submit a supplementary essay as part of the application process.Ranked as the USA's 20th best private research institution, the considerable emphasis on Jesuit-type values such as operating in an intellectually open manner, the promotion of spiritual, ethical and intercultural understanding, and the serving of others owes much to the fact that Georgetown is a Roman Catholic-founded seat of learning.With these Georgetown university essay prompts for 2019, the admissions committee wants to understand your dedication, your acquired skills, your leadership and/or team player capability, and what you are passionate about.If it is the case, for example, that you can show you are committed to teaching piano to young children and if your excitement and creativity in this regard shines through, you are showing the admissions committee you have skills that are transferable and that you will approach college life with similar enthusiasm.Prompt Number Two: Since the community at Georgetown is quite diverse, members of the Admissions Board would love to learn about you in words of your own choosing.Write a short Georgetown university essay, either of a creative or personal nature, in which you describe yourself as best you can (one page in single spacing or, depending on the size of font, around 300 to 400 words).(Students applying to the Mathematics and Sciences Faculty or to the Languages and Linguistics Faculty are asked to address the course they have chosen).Mc Donough School of Business: This school is an international leader when it comes to providing graduate students with vital analytical, ethical, financial and international perspectives.However, showing that you have worked during a number of consecutive summers as a counselor or have taken part in community projects with some organization is certainly indicative of a high level of commitment to that activity.Where a prompt requires you to list the activity you have had most involvement with, this is not absolutely mean it refers to the amount of hours you have devoted to it.


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