Global History Nationalism Essay

The vertical green belts, with the pedestrian V7, contained sites for schools and sports activities.A city such as described above could be placed almost anywhere.The sector itself was conceived as a self-sufficient and—in a radical departure from other precedents and contemporarous concepts—a completely introverted unit, but was connected with the adjoining ones through its V4, the shopping street, as well as the bands of open space that cut across in the opposite direction.

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Nationalism is seeing a flag and saying "I would do anything for this country." "God bless America"..the Americans!

It is clear from the definitions above that nationalism is truly a global issue that one should be aware of its role in shaping and modifying the world history and development.

The coming of ferro-concrete not merely revolutionised existing architectural concepts all over the world, but forced upon the different Countries a uniform pattern of super construction.

It was only the climate of the different regions which called for some necessary local variations.

Curved walls are very much a part of Baker’s architectural style as a means to enclose more volume at lower material cost than straight walls.

Organisations like the Nirmithi Kendra and COSTFORD (set up by Baker) are spear-heading architectural revolution for sheltering the countless of poor in this country, which is what is required in the present day.Modern Indian architecture cannot be discussed without considering the Goan architect Charles Correa who has become a major figure in contemporary architecture around the world.He has played a pivotal role in the creation of an architecture for post-Independence India.Nationalism on both sides can be seen as extreme, and thus constitute hindrance to global peace.Hence, nationalism is seen as the devotion to the interest or culture of a particular nation."Nationalism is a shared group feeling in the significance of a geographical and sometimes demographic region seeking independence for its culture or ethnicity that holds that group together".From 1970-75, he was chief architect for New Bombay, an urban growth centre across the harbour from the existing city.In 1984, he founded the Urban Design Research Institute in Mumbai which to this day is dedicated to the protection of the built environment and improvement of urban communities.But what distinguishes Corbusier’s design for Chandigarh are the attributes of its response to the setting.The natural edges formed by the hills and the two rivers, the gently sloping plain with groves of mango trees, a stream bed meandering across its length and the existing roads and rail lines, all were given due consideration in the distribution of functions, establishing the hierarchy of the roads and giving the city its ultimate civic form.In this context it would be worth mentioning the efforts of Laurie Baker who has revolutionised mass housing in Kerala.Called the architect of the poor, Baker’s basic tenet of construction is to merge the buildings with the environment, by keeping to the land profile to all extents possible and making use of locally available materials.


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