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Usually someone's Linked In account is tied to their personal or work email address, and you can ask for an introduction through your network.Find a contact in the company/division of interest through professional networks.

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If the automated tools can't help, then give a call to the organization's staff employment or personnel department. As a member, you'll get interview insights, career advice, and job search tips sent directly to your inbox.

Getting a new job can feel like a feat that requires superhuman strength, but in reality, it takes a strategy and persistence.

The key when following up with hiring managers is to avoid simply asking if they received your resume. Unfortunately, many companies and recruiters just don't have the bandwidth to personally respond to every job inquiry at the disappointment of many candidates.

Instead take the opportunity to demonstrate your initiative, show your enthusiasm and detail the value you can contribute to the firm. If you don't have a contact name, search Linked In for the contact of the hiring manager or recruiting manager.

No matter what method of follow-up you choose (phone, email, professional network), express your interest in the position, highlight your top qualities that match the job, and keep your message short and to the point.

Describe how you would benefit the company with attaining its goals and list something relevant to their organization.With its text enrichment software, your sentences will not only be checked for errors, but also enhanced with synonyms, adverbs and adjectives; your writing will be expressive and persuasive.Over 600 letter templates are just a click away, giving you a great head start on any letter you could possibly need to write.Start by identifying the best person to speak with by checking with your network contacts or the firm's front-desk staff, and determine what you want to say.When communicating with the hiring manager, express your enthusiasm for the opportunity and highlight why you would be the right fit for the role.Check to see if the organization has an online application status tool.Many Web-based systems will provide real-time updates on application status, but sometimes you have to dig to find them. Many systems will produce an automated note that confirms receipt of an application, or gives information about general timelines, but you won't see it if it gets caught by your spam blocker.For example, if you're applying for a finance opening, mention the processes you implemented in a previous position to help the company significantly reduce costs and that you could assist the prospective employer in a similar fashion.As you conclude the discussion, ask about the next steps in the hiring process.White Smoke is a truly unique solution for your letter writing needs.More than grammar software, more than just a dictionary, it is a complete online English writing solution.


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