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A factory was trying out a new process for producing one of its products, with the goal of reducing production costs.

A trial production run using the new process showed a fifteen percent reduction in costs compared with past performance using the standard process.

Stick to behavioral interview questions that ask the candidate about experiences that demonstrate having successfully employed critical thinking.

And if your candidates are recent grads, ask them to draw the experience from an academic assignment or project.

The nice thing is teachers don’t need a separate program or text for this type of teaching.

They simply need to get students more thoughtfully involved in the learning process. A lot’s been written about these types of interview questions, in which the respondent is expected to list an experience drawn from his or her prior work experience. For the most part, those questions are examples of what is known as a behavioral-style interview question.Answer: C Answer Explanation: The managers concluded that the new process produced a cost savings on the basis of a trial run of the process in which costs were 15 percent lower than they had been previously.You are asked to identify something that casts doubt on their conclusion. If production costs at the factory fell for a similar product that was produced without using the new process, it is more doubtful that the observed production cost reductions achieved during the trial run were actually produced by the new process.You can do it in a relatively 'logical' way, thinking about the reasoning used, the claims made based on the evidence, etc. (i) Are there claims which are based on evidence for support? (q) What would the implications be, if we were to take the claims seriously? (s) How does my personal knowledge and experience affect the way I read the text?You can also do it in a more 'political' way, where the social implications are taken into account. (h) Are there claims which are based on authority for support? (t) Can my personal experience help me to evaluate the claims? Content Header .feed_item_answer_user.js-wf-loaded . Critical thinking – the ability to take in new information and determine how best to use it – plays a large role in the lives of young children.We might ask some of the questions below when reading a text. Look at the questions carefully, and check that you understand what they are asking. Assumptions might include:_______________________ is important._______________________ is possible._______________________ might influence _______________________._______________________ is a positive thing._______________________ is a negative thing.(d) Do these assumptions seem reasonable in this context?


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