Hazing Essay Thesis

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Unfortunately, the problem only gets worse after high school.Fraternities and sororities, tight social clubs in college based off the Greek system, are notorious for their dangerous hazing practices.

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Nick Haben was 18 when he was forced to consume large amounts of hard liquor and beer, jump over bonfires, and swim in a creek.

He was just trying to join the college lacrosse team at Western Illinois University.

By the 1970’s, alcohol became a part of almost every fraternity function, including hazing (6).

Alcohol impairs one’s ability of judgment and the ability to know when to stop a dangerous situation.

Although high school hazing starts out and seems harmless, it can quickly escalate to being harmful, dangerous, and illegal.

Hazing Essay Thesis

However, in most cases, the victim will still take part because they want to join the group. She wanted to join the volleyball team her first year in high school.

In fact, according to Eileen Stevens, the president of the Committee to Halt Useless College Killings (CHUCK), alcohol is a factor in 98% of all fatal hazing incidents (qtd. In addition, this figure does not contain the incidents that college officials classified only as alcohol-related incidents (qtd. This is why college is when most hazing turns fatal.

However, teens in high school also drink alcohol and their judgment becomes impaired too.

They were then hosed off so hard that it hurt (Bowers 1).

Other students at Western Branch High School were attacked with chemicals and waste from portable toilets.


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