Heredity Essay Question

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On the one hand it’s important to find a connection with our pasts.

Especially for people whose families have been severed by things like slavery and genocide.

Luckily, acclaimed science writer Carl Zimmer is here to unravel the tangled history of the science and pseudoscience surrounding heredity, in all its many forms.

In his expansive, engrossing, and often enlightening new book, , Zimmer takes readers on a tale through time and technology, from the inbred Holy Roman Empire to the birthplace of American eugenics to the Japanese lab where scientists are reprogramming skin cells into eggs and sperm. It’s a book about the question genetics was invented to answer.

It’s the same with the bits of DNA in your genome that came from people that once lived in that part of the world.

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We’re all an amalgam of fragments that have all traveled different paths and each only influences us in very subtle ways.

But that more modern biological notion of heredity comes with some new, technical baggage: It’s easier to talk about the high blood pressure that runs in your family than it is to discern the alleles that define it, all the meiotic divisions that had to occur before that trait was passed down to you.

And misunderstanding the role DNA does or doesn’t play in determining one’s fate can have dangerous consequences.

Prior to joining WIRED she freelanced as a reporter, audio producer, and fact-checker.

Her work has appeared in Popular Science, Discover, Undark, Nautilus, and Aeon.


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