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Ironically, the absence of homework is an awkward reason students get punished for: you become guilty of something you didn’t do.Anyway, doing nothing is almost an academic crime, and bad grades become your reprimand. Rowling, my mind comes back to Hogwarts again because, all in all, who doesn’t dream of studying in this both enchanting and enchanted place?The window rolled down on the freeway and it sucked my homework and some other papers out of the car/bus Back-Track-Pack: I accidentally left my backpack on the bus this morning.

Above and Beyond: I thought that was an extra credit assignment because it was never officially written on the board.

Homework Sucks: I was reviewing my homework answers this morning on the ride to school.

Homework is an integral part of your life if you completely resemble Hermione Granger – she never skipped her studying responsibilities and was even rewarded with Time Turner to be at three different classrooms at the same time.

Besides being devoted to homework and spending long hours in the library, she wasn’t an irksome nerd: her other features were bravery, agility, and kind heart.

In my years of giving excuses to teachers, I’ve learned that it’s always best to blame yourself first, followed by a third party and lastly (and least likely to work) on the teacher themselves.

Following this hieerarchy, you’re bound to get an extra day or so to complete your assignment, or at the very least, you won’t be graded so harshley when you do eventually turn it in.

Next up, we have excuses that blame family members and pets.

Family Problems: I just discovered that I’m missing a lot of papers in my folder/backpack.

" Then he stole my homework and broke out the same way he came in.

And I can't believe Tommy is going to take credit for it.


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