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DEPARTMENT HONORS Questions regarding honors in the Department of Romance Languages and Literatures should be directed to the Chair of the Honors Committee, listed on the department's homepage. The Awarding of Honors Our department does not require completion of Wesleyan General Education expectations for department Honors.After receiving the recommendations of the departmental Honors committee, the regular members of the department may award Honors or High Honors in Romance Languages & Literatures to majors who have completed one of the following projects: 1. A thesis is a two-semester project, normally 70-100 pages in length, involving substantial research and writing. An essay is a one-semester project of research and writing, normally 35-50 pages in length.Essay students must participate in the Fall RLL Workshop.

The petition must include all the documents required of a regular application and present any work done in preparation for the essay/project.

If the petition is approved, the student will need to enroll in FRST, ITAL or SPAN 404 in the spring. Progress Insofar as possible, students interested in entering the RLL Honors program should begin work on their projects in the spring of their junior year.

(2) In general to be eligible, a student must have an overall grade point average of at least 3.5 at UCA and a 3.5 in the Department of Political Science.

(3) The first semester of the independent study will consist of a readings course which culminates with a completed research design paper for a specific research question.

Although each tutor may organize his/her own tutoring independently in consultation with you, you should expect to meet with your advisor regularly (at least once every other week) and receive deadlines to submit parts of your work.

All thesis students, regardless of the home department of their tutor, must participate in two department-wide events: The Fall RLL Honors Workshop, the second week in October, and the Spring RLL Honors Forum, in mid- to late February.The following details outline the undergraduate departmental “Honors with Thesis” program, commencing in Fall 2003.Students will only receive the “Honors with Thesis” designation if the faculty vote to accept their thesis after successful completion of the steps outlined below.Requests to transform a one-semester project into a two-semester project should be submitted to the chair of the RLL Honors Committee no later than the end of the first week following the Thanksgiving recess.At any time during the year, should the tutor inform the department’s Honors Committee that the proposed work is unlikely to be completed, or if the expectations of quality and scope are unlikely to be fulfilled, the student will be given the option of transforming the project into a one-semester honors project or of withdrawing from the honors program and completing the work as a tutorial.have a minimum grade point average of 92 in courses taken for the major both on campus and abroad, through the end of the spring semester of the student’s junior year. submit the complete application materials (see list below) to the Chair of the Romance Languages & Literatures Honors Committee at least 72 hours before the end of Drop/Add in the fall semester of their senior year.. We strongly encourage you to work with your tutor on this proposal. In exceptional circumstances, a student may petition to be accepted in the RLL Honors program with a GPA slightly below the expected average of 92.A faculty member must agree to serve as the tutor for the project before the student submits his/her application. a one-page single-spaced description of the topic, including a clear thesis statement , brief overview of the scope of the project, and your preparation for the project (previous coursework, research, experience); 2. Such a petition should be sent to the chair of the RLL Honors committee by the end of the first week of class.At this time, it is the responsibility of the thesis advisor to give the student a copy of the thesis guidelines.Students may not use the same paper for their honors college thesis and departmental honors thesis.The other will normally be from another section or from another department. The department has set aside funds to help seniors in the Honors program of the Romance majors (FRST, HISP, ITST, RMST) with small expenses incurred by their Honors project.An essay or essay-level project will be evaluated by one faculty member of the Department. A limited number of small grants can be made during the academic year.


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