How Does The Nursing Process Improve Critical Thinking And Clinical Judgment

How Does The Nursing Process Improve Critical Thinking And Clinical Judgment-29
which focuses on the multifaceted aspects of a patient, their family, and the environment.Nurses and nursing students must develop and write nursing care plans to provide and organize nursing interventions based upon identified patients' needs.Results: Participants were randomly divided into six equal groups of each 10 student, of which three groups were the control group, and the others were the experimental group.

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In the authors' program, the traditional linear format nursing care plan used in the first five semesters was found not to meet the needs of sixth-semester nursing students.

These students need to be able to quickly conceptualize the plan of care in a functional format as they graduate and enter the practice arena, where they will be expected to care for multiple patients simultaneously and to rapidly use the nursing process to develop a nursing plan of care based upon priority needs of these patients.

The relationships between concepts are specified with cross-links.

Through propositional linkage, learners assimilate new concepts into their existing cognitive structure.

I would argue that's probably just a name that is clinical reasoning.

How Does The Nursing Process Improve Critical Thinking And Clinical Judgment

If someone is saying clinical reasoning, I generally stop and say, "What do you mean by that?The following is a transcript of the above video featuring a conversation between Philip Dickison, Ph D, RN, Chief Officer, Examinations, NCSBN, and Sheryl Sommer, Ph D, RN, CNE, Vice President, Chief Nursing Officer, ATI.Their discussion took place at that National Nurse Educator Summit in April 2018 in Salt Lake City. A: These are words, but they need to be defined, okay?based on Ausubel's assimilation theory of cognitive learning.When constructing a map, concepts are organized hierarchically in a descending order.Because I need to know that we're talking about the same thing.Generally, in my world, I would say -- and I know that some others won't -- but that we're talking about clinical judgment. I suggest that they're probably just saying it because reasoning requires you to go through the same steps as judgment.Judgment suggests that that's the final decision; reasoning is the process.Maybe, at the end of this, we call it clinical reasoning. We have chosen clinical judgment and have established an operational definition for it, so we all know that's what we're talking about.However, some researchers have reported that the current linear nursing care plan format does not meet the educational needs of students to develop CT skills and visualize the interconnectedness of patient clinical data.In addition, nurse educators feel that the nursing care plans developed by students are not case sensitive and need in-depth comprehension of each client's physical, psychological, social, and spiritual health.


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