How Permanent Are Permanent Markers Research Paper

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So the fact that water can clean them from the surface is interesting.” This technique works with most permanent, water-resistant markers.The researchers used the markers with the Sharpie brand because it is the one most commonly used in labs for labeling samples and because these markers create a fairly uniform, continuous film.This is quite important to the research because contact lens are typically very hard to write , Khodaparast says,” Adding some sort of soap to the water may decrease the effectiveness of the technique, while adding a more vicious or harsh liquid to water (such as glycerol) can increase the effectiveness of the technique at higher speeds of the peeling.” The permanent marker comes off the glass, because when it is dipped into the water the film repels the water.

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By Jordan Miller And Kara Buckley; Farnsley Middle School (Louisville, KY) One of the hardest things to remove from an object is permanent marker, and trust me we all love permanent marker until it’s time to get it off!

We would scrub, scrub, scrub, scrub and nothing would come off, but researchers have shown a way to get the marker off glass surfaces and get a sticker in the end!

There are many other ways to get the marker off of a surface, but if you are doing it to get something like a sticker, this is the only way to do it.

Although it isn’t a normal sticker, once you place it on an object it may not come off.

1 cm of a thin film can be peeled off in 1-10 seconds,” says Khodaparast in the same email.

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“Most people are familiar with such materials and they are advertised as permanent and water-proof, therefore they are expected to be resistant to water.

It’s the perfect assistant for your everyday tasks, and fits as neatly in any kitchen, study or workshop as it does in your hand.

The reliable, all-in-one solution for the most common business tasks.

It comes in a wide range of colours and can be refilled with ease.

Furthermore, the nib can be replaced as required in order to prolong the life of the marker.


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