How To Teach Writing An Essay

Then make sure they have a clear understanding of sentence connectors and sequencing.

Once you’re confident your students are ready to move on to an essay it’s time for them to choose their topics.

A successful narrative essay has strong ideas, a consistent voice and careful organization.

Teaching children to write short narrative essays begins with careful modeling and planning.

By brainstorming ideas and organizing them before writing, children will be more likely to stay on topic and finish a narrative essay.

The beginning of a narrative should be active and hook the reader into reading the rest of the essay.

These step-by-step narrative essays are useful examples for children just beginning to grasp the fundamental elements of narration.

Each example is scored for its ideas, voice, organization and grammar.

She earned a Master of Education degree as a reading specialist from Shenandoah University, focusing on teaching, reading, and writing clear, concise text.

As your ESL students become more and more fluent, it’s time to start thinking about practicing more complex forms of writing, such as essays.


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