How To Write A Website

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It’s truly ), I chose because Website was taken at that time.

Domain names usually end with .com, or .net, but in the recent months, a huge amount of domain extensions (the end part of the web address, like .com) have come out, ranging from .agency to .pizza. Avoid the weird extensions and go with .com, or unless they perfectly describe what you have to offer – and even then, see if you can find a more common name.

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Have you always wanted to create a website but don’t know how? That would need to know programming and learn design? It shows a fast and a simple way to create a website without having to learn HTML/CSS coding, or read long, boring tutorials. You can also code your website from scratch, but I wouldn’t recommend it on mainly two reasons: , it’s completely free.

In a nutshell – without a web hosting and a domain name, your website will NOT exist.

Full disclosure: I earn a commission if you end up purchasing Bluehost through my referral links in this guide.Your receipt will be sent to the email address you enter here.It’s optional to also add in your business name within this form. The next step in registering for a Bluehost account is to select your plan and package.These are the last steps you’ll go through before your account creation is complete, so you are almost there…Simply choose the length of your web hosting registration and you’re good to go.If you’ve already got a domain name, just enter it in and click “Next” on the “I have a domain name” form.If you aren’t ready to choose a domain right off the bat, you can do it at a later point in your website setup.Although most of their servers are based in the US, they can handle a lot of traffic from across the world. As someone who lives in , where I’ll explain how you can set up your website.Here’s how to sign up with a web hosting provider (and register a domain name if you don’t have it yet).If for some reason you don’t want to build your site with Word Press, check out my Drupal, Joomla and HTML5 guides as well. But for the beginners, I strongly suggest sticking to Word Press. In order to set up your Word Press (or any other type of website), you’re going to need two things: In order to store your images, content and website files, you are going to need a web hosting.Without web hosting, your website will not be visible on the Internet.


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