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I think you also need to make a clearer definition about traditional and second wave feminist values, and make a critical assessment of their importance to both texts) Christianity has been a consistent force in influencing societal values in the western world .The changing perception of Christianity in the Unitarian world of the 1800s saw a paradigmatic shift in values, from the worship of in church to nature.

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Although science and technology could conceivably benefit humanity, issues of responsibility and morality must be addressed.(Some good analysis, though you have two ideas here – how science advances and the consequences of it.

What are the messages which are represented through these quotes?

The critical concerns of humanity transcend context, through synergism of two texts we can glean the ways in which these issues resonate in time.

The 1800s Gothic and science-fiction novel “Frankenstein” by Mary Shelley was the pioneer of it is genre, wave feminism and increasing religious secularity.

Pris however, juxtaposes this value by not belonging to a home, instead freely moving about in the city.

The courtesy traditionally expected of women is represented in the metaphor that Elizabeth“veiled her grief and stove to act the comforter”, after Victor’s mother’s death.The central scientific, social and religious concerns which drive the Western world resonate within both texts.Science and technology has been a valuable driving force for the progression of humanity.Through synergism of two texts we can compare how different societies represent and respond to these concerns.Some good examples and details about the representations of values in both texts.The presentation of women in “Frankenstein” is reflective of the traditional values they are expected to imbue.The simile “…as a to describe Victor’s mother as treated by his father is evident of the patriarchal social value of the ownership and protection of women.The romantic genre played a significant role in the perception as in Frankenstein, the religious awe of nature is evident in Victor’s metaphorical desire for “the secrets of heaven and earth” through the study of natural science.In greatest achievement, Victors encroachment on this power was regarded as a blasphamy, as metaphorically “the cup of life was poisoned forever”.In many cases I have to re-read a sentence to know what you are referring to.You have listed many examples, but you need to discuss what they mean and how they ‘resonate’ as suggested in the question.


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