I Wrote My Thesis In Two Days

I have Mendeley set up to watch and sort my random papers folder, I save all papers here and Mendeley sorts them and makes them searchable.

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Once I had all the chapters and comments back I made the suggested corrections and sent the revised chapters to a small army of proof readers, one per chapter.

Finally, I gave a final copy to my supervisor to check over before printing.

Today’s post is by Anne Pawsey, who recently completed her Ph D at the University of Edinburgh working on the behaviour of colloids dispersed in liquid crystals.

She is currently a post-doc at the Rowett Institute of the University of Aberdeen, but based in Edinburgh.

Despite beign told to “write as you go along” I hadn’t in any meaningful way, so I started with a very rough thesis outline and two published papers.

What follows is a collection of things that I learnt along the way.

I would then do a full edit once the section was complete.

I handed each chapter to my supervisor for feedback and started the next chapter whilst I waited for his comments.

I’ve just finished a Ph D in soft matter physics and I’m now working as a post doc.

Now that the dust has settled on the thesis I can begin to reflect on the writing process. Because of an internship, the process of writing my thesis was entirely separate in time from the experimental period and had a hard deadline as I had to submit before starting a post-doc.


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