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Gerdts and Will South--this nagging difference is discussed in terms that intriguingly reflect the cultural biases of turn-of-the-century Americans.

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His highly original, densely conceptual study disputes both the stereotype of Impressionism as an objective style, devoid of affective components, and the idea that Impressionism came to an end in the mid-1880s.

Moffett 1986 greatly extends the history of Impressionist exhibitions with essays that examine each exhibition in depth and take into account its sociopolitical context and critical reception.

More significantly, they had an “interest in the sensual and the contemporary” that “far outweighed any . There was no reason to go off and investigate the radical world of Impressionism.

Rose--who visited the art colony in Giverny in the 1890s and lived there from 1904 to 1912, before heading to Pasadena--knew Claude Monet socially.

Even so, they tend to be more minutely descriptive and less coloristically experimental than their French counterparts.

On page 85 of “California Impressionism” (Abbeville Press, 284 pages, )--an excellent, copiously illustrated new book with essays by art historians William H.Tinterow and Loyrette 1994 turns to the 1860s, the decade before the independent exhibitions began, and traces the formation of the group and its development of the painterly approach that would become known as “Impressionism.” Thomson 2000 applies several of the new directions and takes the group’s history as discussed in Rewald 1973 into the last years of the 19th century.Beloved by many for their evocation of a vanished world of idyllic nature, California Impressionist paintings are always on view somewhere in Orange County.Although many others flocked to the picturesque French village, no other California painter apparently had anything to do with its most famous resident.Back home, enthusiasm for painting the sun-kissed landscape of Southern California was tempered by a couple of sobering realities.As happened in many academic disciplines, art history took new directions in the latter 20th century, when alternative methodologies offered further modes of inquiry.Shiff 1984 looks to 19th-century critics and analyzes the vocabulary they used to discuss Cézanne’s paintings.Because his paintings had greatly influenced those of the Impressionists, Manet was considered to be Impressionism’s founder and the group’s leader.In addition to denominating a particular group of artists, “Impressionism” also denotes a particular pictorial and painterly approach.The Impressionists’ decision to organize an exhibition independent of the Salon was a bold move—critics referred to it as “revolutionary”—that positioned them in opposition to the French art establishment.After 1874, the group organized seven more exhibitions, the last one in 1886.


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