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Training modules for growth orientated entrepreneurs will be developed in the near future.The Business Plan Competition, as SPARK organises it with its local partners, starts with raising awareness among a large group of young, ambitious people.Lack of (market) knowledge, little marketing skills, and often no general, financial and other management skills and experience, are among many of these challenges.

This SPARK Service consists of 6 training modules: The training modules are used during a Business Plan Competition, but can also be offered stand alone.

SPARK provides these trainings to local partners as a Training of Trainers (To T), but can also offer them to entrepreneurs directly.

After the finance problem is solved by for example a startup loan, and after several trainings, often the progress shown is too little.

SPARK’s mentoring and coaching services focus on the challenges mentioned above – and the continuation of the young businesses.

The participants of the selected plans receive more training to finalize and sharpen their business plans for the final stage of the competition.

The winners have easy access to finance – loans, no grants – to be able to start their business and receive training and coaching to successfully start and manage their companies.Below is a list and description of SPARK Entrepreneur Services.Click on the link to read more about a listed service.Participants have no or limited experience in running a business.These trainings are designed to help them drafting their business plans and to prepare them for the startup phase of their company.In combination with SPARK’s Startup Finance Solution this service aims to create accelerating results with the participating entrepreneurs.Local partners of SPARK are closely involved in the mentoring and coaching process in order for them to be able to offer this themselves to entrepreneurs.It will also offer another pathway for people that are less entrepreneurship orientated or have not made it through the Business Plan Competition or any other activity.The BSC will work as the middle man in the hiring process by interviewing, training, testing and assessing the candidate’s potential, matching them with the most fitting vacancy.The Business Startup Centre Academy is a year long programme for startup entrepreneurs.The BSC Academy targets higher potential students and ambitious entrepreneurs, and supports those participants who have an entrepreneurial mind, but might not have developed their ideas or business plans fully.


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