Invention Of 20th Century Essay

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Eventually laws were passed to help regulate the prices of ROLE REVERSAL: AN EFFECT OF TECHNOLOGICAL ADVANCEMENT In the article ?

Children of the Information Age: A Reversal of Roles?

But inventions weren’t the only things that made Canada significant in the 20th century.

During 1936-1968 there were many scientific and technological improvements, but most improvements came from the War.

During the near closing point of the 20th century, Canada’s environment and living is being more advanced and they are thinking about the future generations to come.

Canada filled and changed the world with new technologies and new with its early inventions in 1914 to 1935.

With railroads raising prices for short distance rides and the high cost to ship goods farmers found their funds to be insufficient and crops began to fail.

The new problems that farmers faced caused them to have to move and find new techniques in crop production.

(Winnick, 38) This invention made Canada shine during this time because saving lives is always huge and spectacular.

Using technology and science, inventing this insulin in Canada shows Canada’s success and how much Canada has done in 1914 – 1935.


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