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They just did not want to be the ones to pay for the implementation.These Acts allayed most fears, and ironically, actually favored big business, which was the opposite of Sinclair’s intention.What is more, due to its flexible nib, this pen provides an especially smooth writing experience!

The argument that the image of the urban jungle becomes part of a discourse, rooted in colonial experience but transferred to the metropolis, has impressive explanatory power.

The writing is lucid, jargon-free, lively and occasionally playful—a pleasure to read.

It also provides a fresh tool for urban anthropologists working in our own fin-de-siècle.

A highly original study of the connections between the rhetoric of colonialism and of metropolitan culture in turn-of-the-century Britain.

Focusing on the relationship between the literature of British imperialism and turn-of-the-century metropolitan culture, Writing the Urban Jungle offers an account of the cultural confusion caused by bringing the foreign home.

Jungle Writing Paper

Narrative, plots, and language formerly used to describe the colonies, Mc Laughlin argues, became ways of reading and writing about life in London, "that great cesspool into which all loungers and idlers of the Empire are irresistibly drained," as Arthur Conan Doyle's Dr.

The public’s perception at this time was that the meatpacking industry feared these Acts.

What was unrecognized, however, was the fact that meatpackers knew they were viewed with contempt, and facing substantial losses, the industry actually supported the Acts.

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