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You simply need the curiosity and desire for self-awareness and personal growth. Buying things you can't afford might give you a short-term buzz, but in the long run, it's extremely stressful. If so, then check out my FREE Report “99 Confidence Hacks To Massively Boost Your Confidence“. People generally see through this, and it pushes them away. If you haven't found your life passion, make it your mission to find it. Whatever is causing you worry or pain right now won't cause you worry and pain forever. Mindful, loving touch with those you love is a gift that should be shared.Once you learn the lessons, you can apply them in your life at any age and see the benefits to your happiness and well-being. Low confidence might be holding you back or infecting your relationships or work performance. The joy it brings you spills over into all aspects of your life. Whatever you think you can't handle, you actually can.

However, some extremely valuable lessons learned from life are from other people. Don't worry about what other people think of your fun. We try so hard to avoid failure, but failure is the real evidence that we've had the courage to try. Expect and accept that failure is part of the experience. One of the top five regrets of the dying is that they let their friendships fade away. They need to be prioritized not just in word but in deed. If you're trying to decide between the new sofa or the family trip, take the trip every time. Don't allow a number to hold you back or prevent you from being the person you are inside. Being real, open, and vulnerable invites people in and allows them to relate to you on a much deeper and more intimate level. Creating a persona to impress or shield yourself from pain diminishes intimacy and authenticity. Instead, embrace differences and honor the uniqueness of the people in your life.

Some I discovered from reading great thinkers like Eckhart Tolle and Byron Katie. You are the vessel to bring your children into the world and their caretakers until they can care for themselves. Save and plan for new adventures and meaningful experiences. The feel-good release of anger lasts a few minutes. Regret, stress, and unhappiness are the byproducts of angry outbursts. Vulnerability, practiced with safe and loving people, can heal emotional pain and strengthen relationships. This may interest you: Would you like to meditate your way to health and happiness? If your ego is preventing you from forgiving and letting something go, then tell your ego to take a hike. If you neglect to define meaning, you won't experience it. Every moment of the day, we have random thoughts floating through our brains. We all have something, or many somethings, we hate about our bodies. Treat your body with respect and care for the efficient and wondrous way it takes care of you.

It's the accumulation of little things — the quiet moments in nature, special time with our kids, seeing the smile on your spouse's face when you walk in the door. There is so much to learn and explore in our very short lifetimes. Challenge yourself to acquire a new skill, read something different, take a class. You can manage to age well by doing the best with what you've got. Enjoying life is the best antidote to getting older. Worry is useful only if it leads directly to a solution.

Learning keeps our minds engaged and sharp, even into old age. But the very nature of worry implies that it doesn't.

But I spent too many of my younger days sweating over little things instead of being focused on what is important in life. You need to experience life in order to learn the lessons.

And the more life you experience, the more lessons you accumulate. The pleasure and positive memories afforded by great experiences far outweigh material things. Thoughts can become our reality, but only if we let them. We want them to accommodate us and live the way we think they should live. But with awareness, we realize we can't and shouldn't try to control others.

If you want meaning in your life, start with serving others.

Find a way to make a difference, even a small difference, and your life will feel purposeful.

Even if the truth is temporarily painful, it will ultimately set you free.

Be radically honest with yourself so you can live authentically.


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