Life Lessons That College Teaches You Essay

Oftentimes, students pick a topic familiar to them or something they are outwardly proud of, albeit an accomplishment, overcoming an obvious obstacle, an activity or experience.

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Good or bad, it framed how I viewed and evaluated the student.

One of the essays in the article is written by a young woman who wrote about helping the elderly with their taxes.

It's more about the student appreciating the small things in her life which hold much deeper meaning to who she is and how she was raised.

I had a range of emotions as I read all five essays in the article.

So much of a student's application is the epitome of perfection: grades, advanced classes, high test scores, and an extracurricular activities list to envy. It's possible his college counselor or a teacher might have known the depths of his family's story, but the student chose to reveal something far from perfect about his life.

Don't get me wrong, the essay shouldn't be overly sad or overly judgmental about the student's lot in life.Imperfection can show up in unlikely places, and it's often cloaked in societal expectations.When the student is able to defy those expectations or even those stereotypes, magic ensues.I found myself choked up in one breath and grinning ear-to-ear in the next.That's one of the only common traits of a remarkable essay. As high school juniors finish the school year, I encourage them to think deeply before picking their essay topic.It's that time of year when the New York Times shares the most remarkable college essays from this year's graduating seniors."Quilts, Cows, Money and Meaning: College Essays That Stood Out" was published last week only days after most high school seniors made their final decision about where they will attend college.The young man who appreciates his parents' choice in making the arduous journey to the US, is more than ready to take bold steps in his own future.While many students tell me they haven't experienced great hardship or adversity, I guarantee you that everyone has experienced or at least observed the beauty of imperfection.While this is highly unusual for a youngster, the focus of the student's essay was more about the meaning of a quilt her grandmother made.This is a wonderful example of picking a topic about something far from expensive or monumental.


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