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But a better twist saw the small town opt to permanently loan the controversial bronze to the new National Comedy Center in Jamestown, an expansion of the Lucille Ball-Desi Arnaz Center for Comedy.

Fans showed up in Celeron and next-door Jamestown, the actress’s birthplace, in numbers.

They were on a kind of pilgrimage, Ruth reported, “just to get as close to her as possible.” — Two decades later, a couple commissioned the sculptor Dave Poulin, then early into his career, to make Lucille Ball. Poulin chose to render an iconic but an especially tough scene—he depicted her in season one as the TV spokeswoman for the elixir Vitameatavegamin, which the Lucy finds to be 23 percent alcohol, and gross.

The administrator of the Facebook page “We Love Lucy!

Get Rid of this Statue” hoped TV Land would step in and order a respectable portrait, just as the rerun cable network had commissioned bronzes of Mary Tyler Moore for downtown Minneapolis and Elizabeth Montgomerys Samantha Stevens, for a public square in Salem.


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