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The one who managed to stay enchained longest was to win a cash prize- ,000, roughly what a retail worker earns in a year. A janitor puts down some powder to absorb the blood.

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For a moment, everything seemed possible, a movement was growing.

But the forces that wore us down as workers also wore down the union.

What specific marketing actions would you propose that Mall of America managers take to ensure its continuing success in attracting visitors (a) from the local metropolitan area and (b) from outside it? To keep the local metropolitan area resident exciting about visiting the mall, managers should look into extending the rail service all the way to the mall area without raising the price of the fare.

Local resident prefer to have stores that are trust worthy and have good quality, the mall should offer a early-bird special at the movie theater.

For the retail stores, the merchandise does not have to be expensive, but memorable or interesting or something related to the Mall.

For the entertainment offerings, the safety becomes the most important thing.

What (a) retail and (b) consumer trends have occurred since Mall of America was opened in 1992 that it should consider when making future plans?

The key trend that has revolutionized the retail industry in all these years is the advent of internet as a major shopping channel.

(a)What criteria should Mall of America use in adding new facilities to its complex?

(b)Evaluate(i) retail stores,(ii) entertainment offerings, and (iii) hotels on these criteria.(a)The criteria for the new facilities of the Mall of America should be advanced, high-level, unique, safety, and not a duplicate of what they have.


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