Manhattan Project Essay

If they had a disagreement, Oppenheimer would threaten to leave the project and take his scientists with him.Groves knew if this occurred then the project would never be finished.Late one night, while eating an orange and talking to another scientist, Seth Neddermeyer (a scientist) thought of an idea called implosion. This was probably the one idea that the atomic bomb is centered around.

So, Grooves most always ended up agreeing or letting Oppenheimer do what ever he wanted to do.

In April of 1943, this isolated area was being build in Las Alamos, New Mexico.

In October of 1942 Groves went to California to meet with Robert Oppenheimer, one of the most brilliant scientists in the country.

Groves informed Oppenheimer that he had been selected to lead the expedition on trying to invent the atomic bomb.

At times, Oppenhiemer and Grooves had some nasty arguments over policies.

Even though Groves was the one who reported to Washington, Oppenheimer had more power and Groves was aware of this.

The project originated in the Pentagon in 1942 when General Groves was told, by the White House, he was to lead the Manhattan Project.

World War II had already been raged for three years when the Nazis, after being victorious in Europe, declared war on the United States.

Leo told him how an atomic bomb would work, but also that it is impossible to build.

General Groves only wanted to hear that an atomic bomb was conceivable in theory and then he knew to start the project.


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