Marriage Vs Living Together Thesis

Others choose just to live together without marriage. Marriage has been an honored tradition for many centuries. The very first miracle that Jesus had performed was changing water into wine. Sacred Scripture begins with the creation of man and woman in the image and likeness of God, and concludes with a vision of “the wedding feast of the Lamb”. In addition to this, if a couple were to get divorced, they would be allowed to collect spousal support.

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That is a privilege for family members or a spouse only.

If couples would sit down and look at the pros and cons, of both marriage and living together, they could come to a decision that may be a wiser choice in their lives.

Studies show that there is a higher chance of drug and alcohol abuse in these types of relationships.

Statistics indicate that the chance for physical abuse is greater.

They no longer introduce their significant other as a boyfriend or girlfriend; they are now husband and wife. In fact, only a spouse or family member is allowed to visit a critically ill patient in the hospital.

When you are living together with someone, there is no ceremony to celebrate this type of union.This shows ignorance and immaturity of these types of people.I think it also shows a fear of commitment and stability to the person or persons in a relationship.People engaged in this activity to promote the customs, traditions and family values.He was a longstanding tradition that most cultures around the world participate.Living unmarried with a significant other, can also affect finances negatively.Without a binding contract, such as a marriage license, the cohabitant can move out at any time, and take everything with him or herself.In recent years it has become socially acceptable to live together before marriage or not marry at all.Sometimes couples will not resort to marrying to avoid trouble in a public divorce or separation, if the relationship to end (Garascia 2002 31).If there are children involved, the children suffer as well.A child would have to explain to other children why their mommy and daddy are not married, and why their mommy has a different last name than the child.


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