Most Inspirational People Essay

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What I mean is that it’s much easier to get farther in life when you do it the right and respectful way instead of putting half the effort into it.I have many friends in my life but I have two friends that I have had since I was about four years old. They have showed me what it’s like to have and be a true friend.Here are the reasons each person has given me some inspiration.

He has the kind of personality where he can know your exact mood without even speaking a word to you. He either tries to make you smile or his arms spreads wide for a loving hug, and either way you’re winning because that little boy would do anything to make someone smile.

Everyone needs a person in their life that shows them how to relax and enjoy life as it comes; well my sister-in-law does just that.

My 7-year-old nephew is the biggest reason for my smile.

Although he may not have taught me anything, he still shows me a reason to smile every day of my life.

She has taught me to take a step back and just enjoy it all.

Most Inspirational People Essay

Life seems to be less hectic when you take everything step by step.

My first thoughts of my family are always why they mean so much to me.

I couldn’t imagine my life without anyone of my family members.

The most influential people of my life is my parents.

They have guided me to the paths that I needed to take and shaped me to the person that I have become. When I have wanted a person to be my side to help me, my parents have always been there for me.


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