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Visitors coming from the south should follow Highway 385 north to Highway 244, which is the road leading to the memorial.The concept of Mount Rushmore dates back to 1923 when South Dakota State Historian Doane Robinson who had the original idea for Mount Rushmore.He feared that without an "entablature," generations in the future wouldn't understand their importance or significance, much like Stonehenge or the rock faces of Easter Island.

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Known as the “Father of Mount Rushmore,” Robinson’s motivation was to create a monumental attraction in the Black Hills of South Dakota that would bring tourists from all over the country.

His original idea was of a large-scale sculpture of Indian leaders and key early American explorers who helped discover the frontier.

When he reached out to artist Gutzon Borglum in 1924, it was Borglum’s idea to honor four great presidents instrumental in America’s early existence, along with a brief history of the country on an adjoining tablet.

Borglum also envisioned his work as being the perfect place to store and preserve key documents and early-American artifacts, like the Declaration of Independence, in a Hall of Records to be built behind the faces.

There are lots of things to see and do while construction is going on at Mount Rushmore.


Each year, approximately three million tourists from all over the world visit Mount Rushmore to experience this patriotic site.

Today, the wonder of the mountain reverberates through every visitor.

Through the efforts of Robinson, Senator Peter Norbeck, Congressman William Williamson and local businessman John Boland, 85% of the project was funded by Congress. Work officially began on Mount Rushmore on October 4, 1927, and it took just under three years to finish George Washington’s face, which was dedicated on July 4, 1930.

Thomas Jefferson was the next completed, with a dedication on August 30, 1939.


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