My Camping Trip Essay

My Camping Trip Essay-9
People say taking a vacation is becoming expensive and a waste of time.Well living in the country as a child was like camping every weekend.I wasn’t helping matters by laughing so hard, I thought was hilarious. We switched over to kayaks, this time I was on my own as far as rowing.

Another important step is finding the perfect camping site. When you are ready to leave the campsite you have pack up correctly. When making a list for supplies you must be very careful not to over look any of the needed supplies.

First you determine how long you plan to be camping and how many people you will need to provide for.

We stared at the trees, letting our imagination go.

We saw a mother bear with a cub, a man carrying a fishing pole, an elephant standing on a ball. What was real funny, we went back the next morning, the images we had seen the night before were not the same. We had planned to go up the river back to camp, well that was easier said than done.

You need to keep yourself balanced very well, otherwise you’ll tip over.

It took some time, and a few close calls, but once I got the hang of it I relaxed.I feel that its a chance to reconnect with family and friends, experience new adventure, and enjoy the outdoors. Our first night after setting up camp, we spent the evening by the river bank.I had such a time camping with my best friend and family July of 2004. Enjoying the outdoors has a way of bring out your imagination.I found being on the water and gliding across it so easily was very relaxing.Overcoming new challenges gives you a sense of accomplishment.That evening I had dinner with members of my group beside the fireplace.The rice tasted half-cooked and the vegetables too soggy.We spent hours out in the forest of trees we had on the property, many adventures were made there.We had our own swim hole at the river on the property. We spent many nights sleeping out under the stars, camping to me is like reliving childhood.I feel camping is a great way to relax, spend time with family and friends, enjoy nature, and experience new adventures.In these American times we value hard work, we are always pushing ourselves to work harder, and get ahead in life.


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