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My Computer Essay In English-8
Now we look at Charles Babbage, who many say is the father of computers. In the 1800's Babbage designed an automatic calculation machine.This machine was steam powered and could store up to 1000 50-digit numbers.

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There is no sign that this is anything positive…no research to indicate it works to improve writing. The robo-graders are trying to match human scores, looking at the essay length and counting particular words.

There are problems the article identifies: This sadly reminds me of student journal writing which I first learned about through a teaching workshop with the National Writing Project.

And in today’s world, being able to communicate and relate to others is more critical than ever.

But if you want a taste of the future, with Common Core PARCC writing and assessment, an article by Les Perelman in last April, told how Pearson is using student essays to train their “robo-grader” to replace human readers who grade test essays.

Charles Babbage was so ahead of his time, that the machines that were used back then were not even precise enough to make the parts for his computer.

Gulliver, states: The first major use for a computer in the US was during the 1890 census.

Today just about anybody you ask, can tell you something about a computer.

Papia Bhattacharyya , says: "Technology has bounded onto the center stage in the last few years"(59).

The Age of Computers Believe it or not, but the age of computers is upon us.

I believe Computers are not only here to stay, but in my opinion computers are the wave of the future.


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