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Also, maybe some psychological researches regarding this topic would be useful.

A third method I’m considering utilizing is looking at this topic from a historical context to see for how long have certain stereotypes existed and in conjunction with which Majors.

A proposal is a special kind of paper that is written before you start making your research and a research paper comes after this activity.

A research paper is a kind of paper that you cannot afford to escape in your academic career. Getting to know the definition of a research paper is not enough, you have to understand clearly and definitely how to do it.

The universality of this concept also means that this a problem everywhere, one that requires a decent amount of exposure and awareness on this issue, something that I’ve yet to come across.

This kind of article will highlight the importance of this issue and raise attentiveness towards this issue, especially within the AUC community.Why is it that these are actual representations in some peoples’ opinions? By examining these questions using diversified methods, I am hoping to gain further understanding about how stereotypes form and the obviously judgmental human nature.The first key method to my research would be interview.What made Psychology a moneyless dead-ended profession?What made Archeology come with the “mad scientist” image?I am planning to interview as much people as a can within the AUC population.I’m also planning to create a distinction between Foreigners’ replies and Egyptians’ replies in order to later on cross-reference them and determine whether this kind of stereotyping has something to do with the kind of culture one is used.These kinds of stereotypes are present all over the world, and they are (usually) surprisingly similar.As a Psychology major, I’ve received all kinds of typecasting comments and quandaries, ranging from plain curiosity to mild scorn to straightforward hands-down rudeness.These are preliminary questions that I’m planning to include in the interview: The last two questions are going to be last regardless of how many questions precede it in order to ensure that the idea of “stereotypes” is not embedded into the answer.It would be interesting to know how people think of majors without them thinking of stereotypes since this would prove/disprove their presence to begin with.


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