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The conclusion must summarize all events that have changed the writer’s life and compare the previous and current life of the author.

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Her mother and friends used to tell her that they could tell when she was lying because a freckle under her right eye twitched.

She now knows that they were mistaken because she has pulled a few over on them.

She's constantly trying to keep it tucked behind her ear in hopes that it won't stray, but it usually half-covers her eye in hopes that it one day will cover her whole face and hide her emotions from everyone.

Her blue eyes are like a chameleon changing with her every outfit.

She is often crying on the inside while laughing out loud.

She longs to be accepted but claims others' opinions don't really matter.Sometimes as blue as the ocean on a Caribbean beach while other times they are as dark as a storm rolling across the hills.Her freckled face makes her appear younger and in the summer they serve to cover most of her nose.If she could make one wish it would be that she could see perfectly.She attempts to appear strong and confident on the outside but on the inside she is still that shy, insecure, pig-tailed ten-year-old.The introduction of the essay must introduce the author, indicating the place of birth and family background, and it should address how these two factors have influenced the writer's personality, aspirations and beliefs.The body of the essay should discuss the life experiences of the writer and how they have affected his thoughts and current position.Anyway this representation must not be interpreted as an idolatry of the self.In spite of Frida's fondness of religious Mexican idols, often depicted in her paintings - above all in her diary - and of "retablos", Frida does not idolize her self: she does not depict herself as a divine image, there is no trace of mystical tension in her works, neither as exaltation of her personality nor as vision of an hypothetical ideal can formulate the hypothesis that Frida was moved to represent (depict) herself and her body by a deeply fetishistic attitude: in this way her body ceases to be an object fixed and identical in the subject's perception - a determined shape - to become a sort of " Through this interpretation it is possible to understand one of Kahlo's paradoxes: even if perforated and tormented by the external world and by the desease, Frida has always held a great energy, a surprising dynamism.She longs to find her own style and not just be another face in the crowd. In the winter you can see a faint glitter of blush surrounding her cheekbones but in the summer her face is overwrought with red, peeling flesh.Because of her contacts it is hard to do much with her small, marble eyes.


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