New Business Plans In India

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The executive summary is the most important part of a business plan, especially to the investors.Most investors do not go beyond the executive summary, as they have too many plans to read.

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Usually a great deal of money is at stake, and the consequences of poor decisions can affect many people for a long time.

In developing and writing a business plan, the entrepreneurial team reduces these anxieties and tensions by confronting them in advance.

Make the first impression professional, concise, and informative because the reader may spend only a few minutes reviewing each plan.

The major sections of the business plan describe the new venture's strategy, operations, marketing, management, financial plan, and ownership structure.

The pages should be crisp with wide margins and easy to read size and style of font. The essential elements of the plan are generally recognized.

The preliminary sections set the stage for the reader.

Along with your business plan make sure to support your document with flow charts, photographs, market surveys, sample brochures, advertisements, tax returns, resumes of board members, letters of recommendations etc. Physical Appearance - The document should not look too ornate or too plain.

The document should have a neat business feel to it. Ideally it should be a neatly typed document which is spiral bound.

Like always list the costs involved for each segment of marketing.

- Sales forecast is primarily dependent on three factors - size of the market, fraction of the market you will be able to capture as a result of your marketing strategy and the pricing strategy.


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