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The church did not immediately condemn the book as heretical, perhaps because the printer added a note that said even though the book's theory was unusual, if it helped astronomers with their calculations, it didn't matter if it wasn't really true, according to Famous Scientists.It probably also helped that the subject was so difficult that only highly educated people could understand it. The Catholic Church wasn't the only Christian faith to reject Copernicus' idea."When 'De Revolutionibus Orbium Coelestium' was published in 1543, religious leader Martin Luther voiced his opposition to the heliocentric solar system model," says By continuing to use this site, you consent to the use of cookies.

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M Di Bono, Copernicus, Amico, Fracastoro and the mechanism of al- Tusi : observations on the use and the transmission of a model (Italian), in Copernicus and the Copernican question in Italy from the sixteenth to the nineteenth century (Florence, 1996), 69-96.

He was not the iconic hero that he has become."Although Copernicus' model changed the layout of the universe, it still had its faults.

For one thing, Copernicus held to the classical idea that the planets traveled in perfect circles.

Copernicus' ideas took nearly a hundred years to seriously take hold.

When Galileo Galilei claimed in 1632 that Earth orbited the sun, building upon the Polish astronomer's work, he found himself under house arrest for committing heresy against the Catholic Church.Due to his uncle's influence, Copernicus did become a canon in Warmia, but he asked to return to Italy to study medicine and to complete his law doctorate.(Of course, he may also have been thinking that the skies above Italy were clearer than above Warmia, according to Famous Scientists.Polish police then used the skull to reconstruct how its owner might have looked.Nature quotes the AFP as stating that the reconstruction "bore a striking resemblance to portraits of the young Copernicus."In 2010, his remains were blessed with holy water by some of Poland's highest-ranking clerics before being reburied, his grave marked with a black granite tombstone decorated with a model of the solar system.Finally, he (correctly) proposed that Earth's motion through space caused the retrograde motion of the planets across the night sky (planets sometimes move in the same directions as stars, slowly across the sky from night to night, but sometimes they move in the opposite, or retrograde, direction).Copernicus finished the first manuscript of his book, "De Revolutionibus Orbium Coelestium" ("On the Revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres") in 1532. 19, 1473, in Toruń, Poland, Mikolaj Kopernik (Copernicus is the Latinized form of his name) traveled to Italy at the age of 18 to attend college, where he was supposed to study the laws and regulations of the Catholic Church and return home to become a canon.However, he spent most of his time studying mathematics and astronomy.In it, Copernicus established that the planets orbited the sun rather than the Earth.He laid out his model of the solar system and the path of the planets.


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