One Man Meat Is Another Man Poison Essay

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Sometime in 1989 I went on a visit to Kinshasa in Mobutu’s Zaire and had a few opportunities to walk around the city but mostly in the company of a guide.They were very suspicious in Kinshasa in those days.

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Many Reuters news stories use terms like “One man’s theology is another man’s belly laugh.” Robert A.

This may not be the literal truth but is true, nevertheless.

A son of my aunt was famous or notorious, depending on which way you want to look at it, for his insatiable appetite for anything that had meat and could be cooked on a crackling wood fire at that camp fire of his —“pachivara” or “padare”.

That is why people of Nguni stock have a somewhat amusing but wise saying: Zala abantu ziye ebantwini. Things have since changed and done so quite drastically too.

Akukho ntombi yaqom’inyamazana (Girls turn down some men, but go on to love other men. The proverb is a throwback to times when the doctrine of sexism was not yet enunciated. Women now have identity cards for a start, and are no longer perpetual minors in the land of their birth. The unspoken text in the Honourable MP’s words is not hard to determine. After all miracles are common in Zimbabwe these days.


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