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Start the introduction with something catchy to engage the reader into wanting to read the rest of your essay.Some students prefer to leave writing the introduction for their last step and write it once the rest of the paper is drafted.

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Review your paper draft for punctuation, grammatical or other errors that might cost you points.

Make sure the essay is written in an informational and academic tone and check to make you have followed your professor's instructions exactly.

"One" may be the loneliest number according to the popular song lyrics.

However, if you are writing an assigned one-page essay, the page count needs to stay at one.

Summarize the main points discussed in the body and briefly explain how the thesis statement proves true given the information given in the essay.

Remember, this is your first draft so you might expect the draft essay to run longer than one page initially.There is nothing to worry about if you know how to look at the problem. One more crucial point - not to make the task reserved. It is easier to write when you are not pressed by time. In fact, it is a common and effective way to deal with such essay. Every essay should be divided into some logical blocks.Don’t take it as something abnormally long and complex. After that, you should complete each block in turn.Do as much cutting as you can and then recheck the length.If it is still over one-page long, you may need to consider whether you are trying to cram in too many points.Do not try to cheat the assignment by minimizing your computer font or reducing the margins of your paper so that you can fit more words on each line.Most likely, your professor is keen to these tricks and will require you to use type 12 font with one-inch left and right margins.Next, select the overall topic you want to write about.You can then choose to build your thesis statement based on the argument, stance or assertion you want your paper to take.The tricky thing about writing a one-page essay is that the essay must still contain all the major structural components of a normal-length essay, such as the introduction and conclusion.Writing succinct supporting paragraphs and concluding your essay in a concise way is imperative.


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